Sunday, 24 September 2017
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The utilization of modern information and interaction system can play a vital role in improving the quality of rehabilitation professionals and also play an important role in reaching the un-reached. Therefore the WE THE PEOPLE INDIA (Web Channel Dedicated for disability, Rehabilitation & Special Education   initiated this new mode of Web communication to reach the remote areas. The WE THE PEOPLE INDIA started a series of WEB conference live or recorded on disability issues. The target audience includes parents, teacher trainees, and rehab professionals, persons with special with needs which the experts from the related disability area are invited to talk on the issue and the viewers directly ask the questions from the experts.

This initiative will lead to an independent disability web channel through which total information on disability,  rehabilitation& Special education.

Web conference  One or Two experts will be called for each Web conference. Students, trainee, professionals and parents will participate in the live interaction programme though internet.

Web cast of Video Films: Documentaries /training films on different topics of disabilities will be prepared and webcast.

Target Group: Parents of the persons with special with needs, Teacher Trainees, , All  rehab Professionals ,persons with special with needs.


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